First review on Amazon people!

And, no, it’s not from my mom.

“I just read this book cover to cover! I love it when I find a book like this. Emotional and real, but uplifting to watch the characters find themselves and overcome. Refreshing and beautifully written! It’s all good.” – K.S.


This one is from my mom. : )

“I read this book in one day, not intending to, but the short chapters, the believable banter and engaFging characters just drew me in. A beautiful ride through joy, grief and self discovery leading to a twist I never saw coming. I highly recommend this encouraging and inspiring read.” – M.D.


“This book had me hooked… I read the book in less than 24 hours even with my busy life. To call a book great I like to laugh and cry- that means the author sent me on a roller-coaster of emotions with the characters. This book did just that. I felt what the characters felt as I was reading the book because their emotions were portrayed so well. I laughed out loud and I had watery eyes at the unexpected twist that made this book amazing! This book is a great read for anyone who enjoys to read!” – H.G.


“This book was hard to put down! Cleverly and beautifully written, the engaging story carries you seamlessly from chapter to chapter. All of the characters’ experiences and emotions were portrayed in such a relatable, accessible way – leaving you at the end with the lovely feeling of having made a new friend. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for an uplifting, heartfelt read.” – K.D.


“This book was beautifully written. The characters are dynamic and well-developed, and the imagery throughout the book is powerful. The main characters face real-world dilemmas, and navigate through their triumphs and trials in a way you yourself would anticipate doing so. In short, the characters and plot are so true-to-life, you will find yourself sucked in to their fictional world, and the players in this world will become a part of you, or will seem like your new best friends. I highly recommend this poignant coming of age novel to anyone who appreciates the process of overcoming the sometimes harsh realities of life, and the limitations we place on ourselves.” – M.W.


“I read this book in just 6 hours because yes, it was THAT good. It should totally be a bestseller. My heart is full. I thoroughly enjoyed the quotes,references and modern day connections, sprinkled through out the book, of one of my all time favorite classic novels, Jane Eyre. The imagery and dialogue the author created made me feel like I was there witnessing Marie and London’s lives. My heart ached and swooned, cried and rejoiced. This is a fabulous coming of age novel that everyone must read!” – J.H.


“I found this book captivating. I was drawn to read it to the finish; not wanting to put it down. There were many unexpected twists and turns, literary references, growing experiences, and a positive outcome. I would recommend it to all women wanting a good read and all women needing encouragement to keep on moving forward to become their best self.” – A.H.


“This was a beautifully written book, with wonderful characters. I will be reading it again and again. Which is saying something, because I don’t usually enjoy current fiction, being more drawn to sci-fi and fantasy. I couldn’t recommend this one enough though. It does start off a little bit rough, but quickly smooths out and draws you deeper into the lives of the characters. I ended up not being able to put it down and read it through in one sitting. By the end of the book, all of the pieces smooth beautifully into each other and paint an inspiring picture, showing that it can be through small acts that we can change and shape other people. It’s a story that could be entirely real, and shows the pain and love that exist in all of us, interspersed with moments of laughter and quick wit that will make you glad that you went along for the ride.” – B.W.


“This book was very cleverly written. It made me laugh, it made me cry, and it really made me think. The surprising twist at the end was perfect. It actually took me a little while to get fully engaged in the story line of the book (though I immediately loved the characters, who seemed very real) but before long I was hooked and I loved it. It is a great read about overcoming difficulties in life, taking risks, and allowing yourself to be who you can.” – R. B.


“I love this book. It has a great storyline. The characters are so real. I felt like I was right there along side them.” – T.B.


“I’m the type of person who really needs to be snagged into a book within the first few chapters in order to keep going. This book took a little longer for me to really get into — about 50 or 60 pages — but I am so glad that I kept on reading. Once I got hooked, I polished off all 400+ pages of it in one night! I simply could not put it down. The characters are so authentic and true-to-life that I found myself laughing and cringing and feeling and crying in much the same way that I would about my own life experiences. The way that the author ties the emotional climate of the two main characters together is beautiful and refreshingly unique.” – T.T.


“I laughed, I cried, I grimaced, I shook my head, and I gave invisible high-fives. This is probably one of my new favorite books. It is fun, personal, and touching. Once in a while it hurts your heart, but it gives you hope that dreams can actually work out (and gives you hope that you can discover what your dreams really are!). I also appreciated the topics it brings up (abortion, kids raised in something other than the “ideal” home, what it takes for someone to be truly happy, dealing with loss, and maybe a touch of feminism). Good for discussion, and for figuring out where I stand (mostly not to judge people and give them a break). This would be a good read for a book group – hopefully I can suggest it to my next one. (P.S. There is also a love story, which I always enjoy!)” – E.W.


One thought on “Reviews

  1. Susanne Joy Benson says:

    Don’t let those short chapters fool you into thinking you’re going to nibble at this book, because you will find yourself devouring it in one day.
    Ms. Barlow hasn’t bitten off more than she can manage, either. In this engaging novel, she develops themes through characters that are insightful, and, through descriptions that are poetic.
    From the clever banter between Amol and London to the pain that life’s misfortunes evoke, this novel rings true. S.J.B.

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