Buy The Book

“I Am No Bird” was officially released on April 23rd. Here are several venues where you can purchase a hard copy or digital copy of my book.

2014-01-25 15.20.341. You can buy the book directly from me for $10. Click here to purchase through PayPal and I will ship a signed copy right to your door! If you live near me, or know me personally, you can pay with cash or check and won’t have to pay shipping. Buying directly from me is the cheapest way to get a print copy. (And it will also come back to me with the highest royalty.) And this is the only option where you can get a copy that is personally signed by the author!


41595_121035955279_3325_n2. If you don’t live near me, or don’t want a signed copy, or don’t do business through PayPal, you can buy the book at list price from the publisher’s official online sales site:



3kindle-logo. You can buy the Kindle version of the book by clicking here. This is the most economical option for you, and I still get as much royalties as when you buy from the official online store. It’s a win-win!




original4. You can also buy the book on Nook for a low cost, just like Kindle.



mom and dad 5. You can buy the book from my mum and dad if you are near where they live. (Aren’t they just the cutest?) Or if you live near my in-laws, you could buy a hard copy of the book from them as well!





Amazon-Logo6. The book is also for sale on Amazon. I have reworked a few things and now if you buy from this site I will still make a little spinach! (Get it? Spinach is green and it grows on trees! Wait. . . . Actually make that broccoli . . . . Dangit! Doesn’t anything green grow on trees anymore? I blame this issue on the rising generation.)


So there you have it.

Oh yeah, and did I mention? You should BUY MY BOOK!


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