Buy LOTS of Books

There are many people in this world with a plethora of friends.

Today. I would like to use those people to my advantage.

girl with booksIf you order 10 books from me I will knock off a dollar for each book. So instead of paying $10 each and reaching a total cost of $100 you would pay $9 each for a total cost of $90.

This system works for whenever someone is buying in 10s. ~ 20 books would be $180, 30 books would be $270 and so the list goes on.

Now most of you are probably wondering, “Why would anyone want 10 copies of the same book? Especially 30?”

Good question. Let me explain.

Some people buy the book and think, “This is great! I want my friends and family to read this!” They can then order ten copies and have presents for everyone on their block over the course of the next year. Easy peasy.

Other people like to make a little money.

People could order the books in bulk at a discounted price and then resell them to friends and family. They could either sell them for $10 a piece, like myself, or they could really increase their profit and sell them for more. Whatever. Fine with me. Once you buy the books the books are yours to do with however you please. You could sell them for $15 a piece and make $60. For people with friends who aren’t so parsimonious (I have been waiting to use that vocab word since the 9th grade. Oh my goodness. My life has been fulfilled.)  this is a great option.

If you are interested in trying out your entrepreneurship arm contact me at or, again, message me on the I Am No Bird facebook page.


pretty pennyAlso. May I just say? Mother’s Day and graduation season are coming up and these books would be a great gift for both.

If you are a teacher or youth group leader or coach that needs to buy a ton of gifts for all your “kids” at the end of each school year let me know and I will offer you a special discount. After all, this book is about a teacher and a senior in high school, so in honor of Marie and London, I will save you a pretty penny.


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