Book Events and News

The day is almost here, people. The day we have all been waiting for.


Benedict Cumberbatch will not be coming to sing karaoke with us. Although if I am ever rich and famous I will be sure to make a point of arranging that.



Global warming has not made it a perpetual 80 degrees all year round all over the world. While this sounds nice, I must say I don’t encourage encouraging global warming.


J.K. Rowling has not invited me over to her mansion for ham and egg sandwiches. If she does. I will promptly let you know and then die of excitement.

The day to which I am referring is April 23rd, you guessed it, the day of my big I Am No Bird release party.

There will be LOTS of fun. So much fun I suggest bringing an extra pair of undies and pants because you might end up peeing yourself with all this fun. (Nothing ruins a party like hot, wet, and smelly pants.) . . . . . (Not that I would know that, of course.)

Some of the things on the agenda

~ Live Reading (Who doesn’t love my voice?)

~ Jewelry Giveaways

~ Wall Art Giveaways

~ Stationary Giveaways

~ Giftcard Giveaways

~ Book Giveaways

~ Free Cookies

~ Free live music

~ A photo booth thingy

~ Raffles for businesses and book clubs galore

~ A Book Signing

~ A free cruise through Lake Superior next January in my Dad’s speed boat. (Comes with complimentary hot cocoa and wool socks.) WARNING: My dad gets mad if you complain. So you better like it.

Now doesn’t that sound almost as fun as singing Karaoke with Benedict Cumberbatch?


Postcards2Don’t miss the big event. It is April 23rd at Rachael’s Cafe, 300 E 3rd St, Bloomington from 4 p.m. – 8 p.m. (Click on the image to see the invitation in greater size.)



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